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Audiovisual production

Welcome to the NouSol Films section: we create all kinds of audiovisual products to promote awareness programs for social debates, following political incidents and social mobilization. In the creation of audiovisual projects, we make the participants protagonists as a tool for training and empowerment. We will also serve to bring other realities and give global recognition to local associations who have done incredible work.

NouSol is producing audiovisuals to develop awareness programs that allow social debate, follow political incidents and social mobilization. Thanks to these products, we now can reach much more proportion of the population that we couldn’t otherwise reach. It also allows us to make a bidirectional awareness, both with the same protagonists and their environment in the West.

The NGO’s or associations don’t need to be the center of attention, for that, our philosophy is to explore things from the eyes of the protagonist. And explore then in a way that everybody can feel the same way. We shy away from paternalism and sensationalism. We want that the audiovisual products can explain to us why there are local associations, international organizations or humanitarian aids working in a specific place or with a specific group.

We also want to provide our model of explaining things and offer creation and advice services for audiovisual, radio, photography, document and social film products to groups or NGO’s that need some of these products for their recognition campaigns, awareness or explanation of their goals.

We are an NGO therefore the production company is completely specialized in the social field, out products will put a special emphasis on such message and ethics at the same time of creation.



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Direction & screenwritter

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Editión, direction & screenwritter

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