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Conakry’19 project


The Knowledge of my Land Project is a project of the Collective of Collective Dreams in which NouSol ONG participates by providing the entire legal structure and all the experience in project management and volunteering so that their collective dreams come true.

Knowledge of my land is a social project of cooperation and cultural exchange that will take place in Guinea Conakry during the months of January and February 2019. Together with the Matam Commune Ballet and a team of professionals from the field of arts , education, health and the environment, it is intended to generate a platform for meeting and exchanging knowledge between people from all over the world and the specific community proposed. This will be organized through cooperative and educational volunteering, with pedagogical and artistic proposals that promote cultural exchange and practices that generate habits of environmental awareness and comprehensive community health.

Matam Commune Ballet

The project consists of 2 stages: The first will be Comprehensive Training in African Dance and Percussion, to learn about and exchange knowledge about the culture and arts of Guinea Conakry. The proposal will bring together knowledge, methodologies and practices around body care, spaces for debate and reflection, knowledge and understanding of the native language, work with different invited ethnic groups, spaces for improvisation, composition and physical conditioning, in addition to daily workshops specific to African dance, music and song.

Youth center in Matam district

During the second stage, the work will be focused on the community of the neighborhood, and the volunteers, the sustainable Reconstruction and beautification of the physical space of the “Maison de Jeunes”, a social, artistic and refuge center for people from the neighborhood of Matam. In addition, workshops will be held to exchange knowledge related to health, art, the environment, among others, from a comprehensive, horizontal and sovereign perspective, trying to recover the cultural and social knowledge of the people who will share the meetings.