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Inch’allah Mustapha

Thanks to the Inch’Allah Chaima project, we met a Catalan foundation that aims to operate between 25 and 30 children a year who need an extremely technical operation. We held several meetings with this foundation until we agreed to present three cases of children with disabilities The Aghbala Disabled Association (ASHA) who needed an operation.

We chose three children whose characteristics most closely matched the foundation’s program criteria: Mustafa, Ryan, and Omar. Unfortunately, Omar died of an unknown reason before the selection committee evaluated all the cases.

We continued the meetings until finally, at the end of January 2015, they approved both cases and told us that we had to take Mustafa immediately.

At the end of March, Mustafa, his father and the director of Nousol ONG arrived in Barcelona. Regarding housing, we have signed a collaboration agreement with The Amaziga House of Catalonia who paid for their meals and support. Ragpickers from Emaus de Sabadell and the Sabadell Mosque also collaborated. It was an enriching experience for all the associations and people with whom we had the opportunity to collaborate.

After three months in Catalonia, they returned to Morocco. Since February 2014 (16 months) when we identified his case, we carried out his diagnosis, treatment, medical tests and finally the operation.

Now another important stage begins, his convalescence during which he must be taught to walk. Mustafa will benefit from the development, by ASHA and Nousol NGO, of a reception center for children with disabilities in Aghbala, he will be the first child to integrate this center. Sergio Quiñones Moreno, a physiotherapist and osteopath from Girona, will take care of his recovery online, supervised by Natalia Richat, an Argentine pediatrician, who will spend three months at the Aghbala center.

Inch'allah Mustapha


Mustafa and his family live in a small community in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, without electricity or technology. They are self-sufficient, they grow cereals, fruits, vegetables and have farm animals. With the small profits they make from their activities, they earn money to pay for what little they need. They really should be considered as a benchmark around the world where unlimited waste is destroying the planet. However, this system in which we live is unfair, it prevents them from accessing the most basic needs. Currently, the pharmaceutical and medical industry represents the first global business and, therefore, all the communities that live outside the system cannot access the public or private health system.

However, we do not want to show these injustices, what we want is to show the world through the eyes of a child who lives in the mountains, far from our complex society and who suddenly travels to the “first world”.

Through this audiovisual documentary, the aim is to make the Amazigh culture known, to raise awareness of the existence of people with disabilities in high mountain places, to raise awareness of the inaccessibility of the health system of minority communities and to raise awareness of the Aghbala Project of Nousol ONG.

The audiovisual documentary is produced and directed by the Joel López photografer, Josep Sarquella Juncà y Lorena Martí in collaboration with Ajuntament de Girona, Diputació de Girona y la Universitat de Girona.