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Mission / Vision / Values


The main mission of the NouSol Social-Educational Association is the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a plan of action for the UN in favor of the people, the planet and prosperity, to enforce the universal wood and the acces to the justice.


  • Create or support Project for socio-personal development and community group in a situation of vulnerability, marginalization and/or social exclusion
  • Produce audiovisual products to raise awareness of the population
  • Encourage cooperative and networked work
  • Develop international cooperation projects
  • Awareness raising through volunteering
  • Develop humanitarian aid projects
  • Advertising of social purposes
  • Promotion of volunteering


  • Sustainability: We work for our projects and programs are sustainable economically, socially and environmentally
  • Equality: We work for social justice with special emphasis on gender mainstreaming and empowerment of women
  • Multiculturalism: We work to ensure that the United institutionally articulated to reflect the diversity of cultures existing
  • Transparency: We develop projects, programs and activities in an ethical and transparent. Let’s accountability to donors, volunteers and users
  • Dignity: We are governed by the Declaration of Human Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promoted by the United Nations