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Since 2008, NouSol has trekked to Asia at the Baan Saan Rak welcome home in Thailand. It is our line of work to promote or donate support to local social and educational projects for the personal and community development of communities in situations of vulnerability, marginalization or social exclusion.

Baan Saan Rak is a model and self-sufficient gairebé organization. NouSol gives support and accompanies in the necessitats that go on from day to day. I would like it if all the associations or projects that promote or donate support tinguessin the material efficiency and organization.

Faces that for NoUsol the priority is the African continent, not tanking it to continue promoting social educational projects, humanitarian aid or aid in natural disasters, as is the case of the project Recoop Nepal, on Donem Technical and Social Support per a the Reconstruction of the Rural Areas affected by the terratrèmols that are going to take place in Nepal in 2015.

This 2017 we have added Projecte Sausapor to the remote island of Papua.